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Custom Wreath Designs

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Did you know that The Lone Star Barn is not only the name of my blog, but also of my custom wreath business? I thought it might be time to mention that again here on the blog. If you follow me on social media you already know this but I realized that my newer blog readers may not.

One day in 2015 I made myself a burlap wreath that I had seen a DIY tutorial for on Pinterest. It turned out ok and I was pretty proud of myself. I took it outside and leaned it against a tree and took a photo. A friend called and asked if I would make her one, so I did. I made one as a gift for my mom and an extra one just to see if it might sell. As soon as I posted it for sale on Facebook it was grabbed up.

My new hobby was born at the perfect time. My nest was beginning to empty, my oldest two had already left home. I still didn't have much "spare time" but I knew I wanted to try and grow this so I might have a small home based business in place by the time my nest was truly empty.

Then on September 11, 2017 I made it official and registered The Lone Star Barn as an official business. Since that time I have made wreaths for any and all occasions. I have shipped wreaths all over the country. I have helped clients decorate for holidays and special events. My favorite part is designing something unique and personal for each client. I have been given family heirlooms and momentos to use in a design, medals, and sports memorabilia. I have made wreaths to welcome new babies, celebrate brides and to honor lives well lived at funerals. I have made wreaths for every holiday, season and sport. I have spoken to garden clubs, taught workshops and had a pop up shop.

I have enjoyed expanding my content and business in new directions. Most important to me though, is keeping my eyes and heart on that old barn, with the faded Texas flag painted on the roof, that sits just outside my front door. I love that barn and all it represents to me; FAITH~ FAMILY~ HERITAGE~HOME

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1 Comment

Kaitlin Creamer
Kaitlin Creamer
Mar 05, 2021

All of your wreaths are beautiful... but I definitely know which one is my favorite😉

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