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Who am I?

Hi, Ya'll!!

Welcome to The Lone Star Barn! My name is Shawn Creamer. My husband, Bowen, and I  live on a working sheep and goat ranch in Southwest Texas. We raised our four children here on the ranch which has been in my family for five generations. It is an honor to live here and work the same land that my grandparents did.

Our three oldest kids are married and we are proud grandparents to two beautiful granddaughters who call us Cita and Jefe. We are smitten  with this grandparent gig!

I love cooking, canning, crafting, chickens, homemaking and gardening. I am also a custom wreath and floral designer and work from my own little  "Wreath Barn" here on the ranch. I blog about all of this and more!!!

what i love










wreath design

My new and improved blog will be back up soon! Stay tuned!!! #blog #blogger #thelonestarba

Join us around the barn where we will talk about our faith, our family and of course... the weather and  football which is what ALL ranchers talk about!!

Welcome to the Lone star Barn!

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