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This is Heritage

You might have noticed that the tag line to my business name, The Lone Star Barn, is FAITH, FAMILY, HERITAGE, HOME. Those aren't just any words but some of the most important words in my life. If I had to sum up what I want my life to be about, it is those four word FAITH FAMILY HERITAGE HOME. They encompass who I am and what is important to me.

My grandmother, who was born in 1905, lived just up the road as a child and came to this ranch as a young bride in 1923. She raised a family here, I grew up coming here and I have raised my family here. The ranch house is full of pictures of four generations who have lived, loved and worked this ranch for over 100 years. That is HERITAGE! Not a day goes by that I don't think of those who were here before me, of my grandmother and the life she lived here.

We tried to stress this concept of heritage to our children as they grew up here. They worked hard, often when they had other things they would rather be doing. We explained to them how this land had been taken care of by others in their family in the past and now it was our turn. They didn't always love it, but the GOT it. They understood our responsibility and that it takes all of us. They also became proud of their heritage.

Our children are now getting married and having children of their own. They miss the ranch they grew up on , they miss the sights, sounds and smells, they miss the hard work. They miss home.

They return as often as possible to help any way they can. In February we had a round up and working. Our oldest son Clay came home to help with his wife and young daughter. She is our first grandchild and this was her first working to attend.

And just like that, the fifth generation begins. I have to admit that this moment brought tears to my eyes. To see her take it all in for the first time. It was all new to her this day, but hopefully soon she will be in the pens starting with the same jobs her daddy started with. It's a beautiful cycle on the ranch. It is HERITAGE.

There is a lot that threatens family ranches today, from the outside and even from the inside. The work is hard and holding onto it is even harder. But with God's grace and guidance this fifth generation will keep things running, they will teach their children about the past and about the importance of HERIATGE.

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