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Shearing 2024

We finished up Shearing 2024 on Easter weekend and it was an extra special time this year.

If you are new here, we live on and run a sheep and goat ranch that has been in my family for five generations. Every spring the sheep are sheared of their wool before the hot summer sets in. It's a long and busy process of rounding up the ranch and bringing the herd to one central location where a traveling crew does the actual job of shearing.

This year ALL of our children, their spouses, and our two granddaughters were able to join us on the last weekend. It was so good to have everyone working together again. I don't think we have all worked together at the same time since the kids began leaving for college. This year was made even more special with the addition of the new spouses and grandkids.


The mamas had their hands full with their own jobs but they brought the baby girls down to say hi to their daddys and to join us for lunch. The daddy's were sure happy to see those sweet faces!


Jefe will stop whatever he is doing to give those grand babies some sugar! They have him wrapped around their little fingers in case you can't tell.


Busy shearing days don't leave much time to head to the house for lunch so I bring lunch to the pens. I throw some meat on the grill and serve with tortillas whenever we take a quick lunch break.

I am not a grill master in any way but I enjoy cooking over an open flame.

It's never fancy but it's always fast and filling!


In case you haven't heard me say it before, having a daughter-in-law who is a professional photographer is the BOMB!! The memories and moments that she has captured we will cherish forever! We love you, Abby, for SO MANY reasons. That's one proud cowboy!


It was true blessing to have everyone home and working together. The girls got to crawl around on wool sacks, watch the baby lambs and stuff their pockets with wool scraps just like the generation before them.


This is a crazy world we are living in. The days are uncertain. Family ranches like ours are shutting down every day. We are all facing problems from the outside and even from within. It is for that reason that I will never EVER take these days for granted. Every night as I lay my head down, I pray for just one more day.

Thanks for stopping in and hanging around the pens for Shearing 2024. Lord willing, we will see you right back here next year.

May God Bless you,

The X7Bar Outfit

A very special thanks, as always to Abigail Creamer Photography

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