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She Said YES and We Couldn't Be Happier!

On April 28th, one day after my oldest son, Clay,  turned 23...THIS HAPPENED!!

Clay asked his beautiful girlfriend, Kaitlin, to be his bride!!!

Clay and Kaitlin are high school sweethearts, so she has been around our family for several years; but she has agreed to take us on for real now! Wow! That's quite a commitment! I mean, marrying my sweet son is one thing, accepting the rest of us as family is a brave move! We are quite a package! We are a tight knit, loud, funny,  prank playing, joke cracking, memory making, sports loving, loyal, supportive, praying, loving, crying kind of family! And Kaitlin fits RIGHT IN!!! Everyone from Great Grandfather to little brother is absolutely thrilled!

Clay and Kaitlin at the Christmas Snowflake Ball in high school. See what happens when we chaperone? You get photo bombed by your own dad!!! LOL!!! All in good fun!