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Preparing for Puppy

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Last weekend Taylor and I picked up the newest member of our family, George. George is Taylor’s 10 week old Miniature Golden Doodle. Isn’t he just the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Taylor has spent the last few months preparing for his arrival. She has studied and researched and is ready to be a puppy mama!! I thought I would ask Taylor to share her best tips on what she has learned in preparing to bring a new puppy home.

1. Spend time researching where to buy or adopt your puppy. Breeders, rescue facilities and even your local pound can all can be great places to find a dog. If you are seeking a specific breed look for highly reputable breeders or breed specific rescue facilities. If breed is less important to you, try adopting from a local rescue shelter or pound. These are full of great dogs looking for a home.

2. Figure out how you are going to go about training your puppy. Taylor found Baxter and Bella. She really loves all of the content and support that is included in their courses and even training programs broken down by week!

3. Be prepared for your puppy before you bring it home. Surprisingly your puppy doesn't need a lot, but isn't it fun getting all the things!!!

These are a few of the puppy essentials she had ready for George’s arrival:

I have included affiliate links to these products in case you have a puppy in your future. Just click on the picture!

A dog travel bag. This is a sturdy, lightweight bag to take all of your dog’s essentials on the go. It comes with two zippered cases for dog food, two silicone collapsible bowls and one water-resistant placemat. We took this with us to pick him up packed with his new collar and leash, puppy pads a few toys and a blanket.

A New Puppy Starter Kit. This kit includes a blanket, 2 chew toys, and a buddy. The buddy has a pocket for a heating pack and a device (both included) that mimics a beating heart. This is great for the puppy's first couple of nights away from its litter-mates. George has been home for several weeks now and still loves to snuggle with it every night!

An 8 panel adjustable play yard. Taylor lives in an apartment so George will only play outside when she is home. This large play yard has room for his bed, food, potty pads and plenty of room to play while still being safe and contained. I have used this in the yard when we had puppies too.

An interactive dog camera so Taylor can check in on George whenever she is away from him! Not only can you see video of your dog but you can also get alerts when he is barking, crying, or when a person has entered the room. You can toss treats to your pup while you're away to keep them happy as well!

Taylor will crate train George and has a high quality collapsible, portable dog crate.

Of course all puppies need a cozy dog bed too!

George has a spiffy vest for training and walking when he gets just a bit bigger.

And for all those toys that his grandma (ME! 😉) spoiled him with, he needs a dog toy box!!

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1 Comment

Sep 23, 2021

George is a real cutie!

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