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'Cita and Razz

Christmas 2017 was the first Christmas after I opened my home based business. I was working hard and saving every penny I earned. I knew exactly what I wanted to give my husband for Christmas! We both love western art and ,of course, the cowboy lifestyle. I have always wanted to give him an original oil painting and THIS was going to be the year!

My husband would rather see me in work clothes and a cowboy hat any day over heels and a dress and done up hair..which is a good thing since living on a ranch doesn't lend itself much to the dressed up lifestyle. I knew I wanted the painting to depict me working on the ranch with my sweet mare, Razzle. I asked a friend to come snap some pictures of us while we were working one day. My next step was to contact a local western artist whose work I admired, Pam Bunch of Lee Bunch Studio Gallery in Del Rio, Texas. Pam came out to the ranch and met Razz, observed our relationship and took pictures of Razz, myself and the surroundings on the ranch.

Then I waited...I was able to meet with Pam a few times to watch the progress of her creation and it was an amazing process to watch. I couldn't believe how perfectly she captured every detail, the discoloration in my chaps, Razz's sweet, gentle droopy eyes, the moisture and shadows on her coat, her hackamore bridle with the rope noseband, the way I hold my reigns ( in my right hand between my fingers). EVERY detail was captured! Just before Christmas the painting "Shawn and Razzle" was finished and framed! EEEK!

I couldn't wait to give it to him on Christmas morning. I gave him a special letter I wrote and the package as the kids looked on. Lots of oohs and ahhs and a few tears later, he declared it his best Christmas present ever!!

We hung it over the piano in our music room and renamed it 'Cita and Razz since

my husband's nickname for me is 'Cita, short for Mamacita.

Imagine how thrilled I was when Pam sent me a recent copy of Western Art Collector magazine where she was a featured artist with our painting!

Now, as far as a gift for this Christmas? I have NO idea!!

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