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Two Shall Become One

I can't believe it has taken me FOUR MONTHS..but let me share with you one of the happiest days of our lives. On June 22nd the Lord SHOWERED us with blessings when our oldest son, Clay, married his high school sweetheart, Kaitlin, and TWO became ONE.. and our family of 6 became a family of 7!

It was a perfect day! From the moment we woke up the day was beautiful and all looked great for the outdoor ceremony. I never even thought about rain until the moment I walked down the aisle with my husband. Clouds were quickly forming and I could hear a low rumble of far off thunder. It was getting darker but looked like we would have time to get through the quick ceremony before any rain came. Well...we tried. The thunder got louder and the lightning closer. The small raindrops were getting bigger. Then came a clap of thunder too big to ignore! Both moms jumped up and everyone began to run as a torrential downpour hit hard! We got the bride back indoors with minimal soaking. Family and friends waited indoors in the reception site as the bridal party did a quick touch up of damp hair and makeup.

We continued the ceremony indoors while a typical Texas thunderstorm rolled outside.

I started the afternoon over in the groom's area surrounded by some of my favorite men. I had such joy watching Clay have so much fun with his brothers and his groomsmen which are all like brothers to him and like sons to me. So many memories flooding my mind of their childhoods together. I love this picture of the groomsmen in shirts with the nickname that Clay calls each boy along with the number of years they have known Clay.

Helping the boys with their boutonnieres was a special moment for me.

Such a handsome group of men. Our nephew's son was the ring bearer. How cute is he?? He took his role very seriously!

This is quite possibly my favorite picture of the entire day and I am forever grateful to Mary Arcuni Photography for capturing this special moment. Bowen and I wanted to pray with our son before we headed to the ceremony so we stepped outside and mentioned we were going to pray and anyone was welcome to join us. This is a candid shot of that moment and I will treasure it forever. It wasn't scripted or posed, just believers coming together to pray God's blessing over the marriage of our son and friend.

Next the boys piled into the most amazing vintage blue pickup truck and off to the ceremony they went.

After the boys left, I was able to get a few minutes in the bridal dressing room. I walked in to a room full of so much beauty and happiness and joy. The bride was stunning, her mom was glowing, the bridesmaids were beautiful and two little flower girls were giddy with excitement!

Kaitlin presented me with a gift that I will treasure forever. First, the sweetest most touching letter and then a necklace with five diamonds to present my now FIVE children. She is one amazing girl, I tell ya!

Now it was time for our family to walk down the aisle and take our places. First Clay followed by his two best men, his brothers. Then came Taylor who was being escorted by her brother from another mother, Aaron. Taylor was already having a hard time holding back the tears.

Then came the little people who absolutely stole the show! The flower girls got cold feet but the ring bearer was performing his duties with all seriousness!

Finally, the barn doors opened and out stepped the most beautiful bride I have ever seen to make her walk to our son. (Notice the dark cloud forming?)

I will let the next few pictures speak for them selves.

Now the rain is coming down and then comes a clap of thunder that finally causes the moms to jump up and run the bride inside.

We took a few minutes to dry off the wedding party and we continued indoors. Bowen did an amazing job officiating his first wedding. It made it all even more special to hear him preach on the covenant of marriage. Vows were spoken, tears were shed and God was glorified. Not even the rain could dampen the love and joy in that place.

And just like that, they were married! The rain stopped, the sun came out and the celebration continued. We were able to take some beautiful pictures outside.

Of course this posse of cowboys can't let things get too serious!

MAY I PRESENT TO YOU, MR. AND MRS. CLAY CREAMER!!!! Look at those smiles!

Taylor gave the blessing, thanking the Lord for the bride and groom... and the rain "because, after all, we are still ranchers kids."

Then there was dancing......

And toasts......

And garters & bouquets........

And cake.....

And shenanigans!!

Kaitlin and her mom planned and executed the entire wedding to perfection. It was beautiful and elegant yet country and casual. They thought of everything and their creativity touched every detail. Kaitlin and her mom are quite a pair and I am pretty sure there is nothing they can't do. Everything was designed and made by the talented mother daughter pair.

We have enough memories (and pictures) to last a lifetime. We are forever grateful to Kaitlin and her family for hosting such a beautiful wedding. God has blessed our family with the addition of a beautiful and godly woman whom we adore.

May God be with Kaitlin and Clay always and pour His love and blessings upon them.

" For this reason man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh...therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." Matthew 19:5-6

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Feb 24, 2021

Just beautiful! Love Taylor's blessing, "because, after all, we are ranchers' kids." Love it all; thanks for sharing.


Nov 21, 2019

Beautiful blog. I so enjoyed reading about your son wedding and seeing the beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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