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Snow On The X7Bar Ranch

Well....It was beautiful while it lasted!! We had a whole three hours of Winter Wonderland!!! Snow in Southwest Texas is a rare thing. In fact, the last time we had snow was nine years ago and then it was just a few flurries.

This morning it started with a few big thick flurries and my household erupted! Kids and parents alike ran to the front yard! We were so excited! Everyone grabbed their phones and began taking pictures and sending Snapchats!! I even did a quick Periscope video! We were CrAzY ExCiTeD!!!

It came down  for a good two hours and blanketed everything in white. I was so beautiful! It is amazing how pure white snow can cover all the ugliness of mud and dead grass.

"Cleanse me with hyssop and I will be clean; wash me and I will be whiter than snow." Psalm 51:7 NIV

What a beautiful reminder of God's cleansing love for us! In Him we are whiter than snow!!

We aren't prepared for snow around here but, boy can we improvise!! Red neck sledding, Texas style!!

We "sledded," threw snow balls and made very thin snow angels!!

Yesterday's temps were in the 70's and the boys were throwing the football!

It didn't last very long, after a short while the sun poke through and our winter wonderland was over.  It all melted away as quick as it arrived. But as I look out the window, I see more tiny flurries! I know my friends from the north are laughing about this, but down here in our part of the state, this is exciting and fun!!!

Though it was a welcome weather change for us, we know the story has been different in other parts of our state.  Our prayers go out to those in the areas of severe weather where homes and lives were lost; may our Heavenly father bless and protect you. Sending love and prayers from The Lone Star Barn.

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