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Sic ‘Em Bears!

Fall and college football!!!! Does it get any better??

A couple of weekends ago we went to Waco, Texas to visit our two oldest and see a Baylor football game. My husband and I are both proud Baylor alums. My oldest son is now attending Baylor University which gives us the awesome opportunity to go back and relive those ol glory days!

B. and I were attending Baylor during the football drought of the late 80’s. Between 1986 and 1991 Baylor did not have a single bowl appearance. Football game attendances looked more like a large high school than a division 1 college. Seats were empty, crowds were small and spirit was lacking. NOTHING like what Baylor is experiencing now!! Baylor is currently ranked #2 in the nation!! The university has built a beautiful and unique new stadium on the banks of the Brazos River. This is the second season in the new stadium. Most of my family attended a game there last year but I did not. THIS was my first experience in the new McLane Stadium and I felt like a college freshman attending her first game ( yeah…plus 30 years and a few pounds, …ahem….but we wont go there.)

Now you Aggies and T Sippers just hush! I know this is no Kyle Field or Texas Memorial Stadium but to us Lil Ol Bears this is HUGE and we are PROUD OF IT!!

The location of the stadium is what makes it so unique. It literally sits on the bank of the Brazos River just North of the university but across the river. There is a foot bridge where the fans cross the river to the stadium. “Sailgating” has replaced tailgaiting for some, so friendly boaters cruise the river and wave as the crowds cross the bridge.

Here B. and I are about to cross the bridge.

Here are the four muskateers.

As soon as we entered the stadium, this is what I saw on the field. Powered by prayer!! I love it!!

Here is a picture of the South end zone.

Since we are typically busy with our own football seasons back at home, we rarely get to attend games in Waco and so we have not purchased season tickets. Our tickets were not all together so B. and I sat together and the kids sat together.

Parent selfie.

Sibling selfie.

When the score reached 70-17 we felt it was safe to leave and took a victory selfie on the way out!!

Long live college football and long live BAYLOR NATION!!!!!!!

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