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New Year! New Goals!

Welcome 2016!! Wow!!! Does that seem impossible to anyone else? 2016?

Yesterday my youngest boys went back to high school and my oldest left to return to college this morning. I can't drag it out any longer...the holidays are over. Insert sad face :(

Like almost everyone else, I am committing to getting back on track with my exercise! I am determined to be in much better shape by summer!! This body ain't getting any younger so I better help it out as much as I can! Notice I am not making any diet goals. I am too much of a food lover, cook and baker to make any crazy diet goals! So....I better ramp up my exercise!!

I got a Fit Bit Charge as a Christmas gift and time to put it (and me) to work!!!

Going to shoot for the 10,000 steps a day ( ahem...MOST days) goal. Who else is making health and fitness a priority for 2016? I will try to keep some sort of a record (how's that for a commitment, lol) on my instagram with the hashtag #healthysteps2016 I would love for you to join me there and share your#healthysteps2016 !!!! Make sure you are following me on Instagram @lonestarbarn

Here's to a healthier 2016!! God Bless!

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