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Join My Virtual Summer Bible Study

I am so excited to be leading a group of awesome ladies through the book of Ecclesiastes this summer! This is my second time to lead a group through a study by Courtney Joseph at Women Living Well.

It is easy to join and I would LOVE to have you with us! It is all done via Facebook! We have a private Facebook group where I will post the daily Scripture, questions and weekly videos by Courtney.  We will be able to share what we are learning and our thoughts and insights with one another. Most importantly, we are there to encourage, uplift and pray for one another. If you would like to join, comment here or request to join from the Facebook group. We will start June 13th. You can purchase a workbook if you like from Amazon here. It will be a six week study from June 13-July 25, but don't can take it at your own pace..pop in and out...comment from the beach or pool! :)  It's summertime so let's be relaxed but let's stay in God's word!! Join me!!

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