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Gratitude In Pictures - FALL EDITION 2018

GRATITUDE IN PICTURES are some of my favorite blog posts!!

This is the time that I scroll back through all my phone photos of the past few months. I slow down and remember all the moments, the people, the places and all the reasons I have to be grateful. Thanksgiving day seems like a perfect time to post the Fall 2018 edition of Gratitude in Pictures.

Thankful for the unusual amounts of rainfall we received this fall, 25+ inches over September and October. Our country is pretty and green and our lambs are big!

Thankful that we have been able to follow our college football player, and enjoy great family times on the road. Also so very thankful for the travel safety that God has granted us during our many, many hours on the road.

Thankful for our high school player's senior season and for all of the wonderful memories made. Booster club, pre-game meals, the hive, tunnel crew...we enjoyed every moment and will miss it terribly. come the tears...

So very thankful for the blessing of living in a free country that allows us the PRIVILEGE of voting! Grateful that I was able to tag along and see my son vote in his very first election just days after he turned 18. Thankful that my adult children also do not take this privilege for granted.

And, as makes me so thankful to witness a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Nothing makes me want to worship our Creator more. His workmanship is majestic..and often, when we see it, it is displayed over a sports field.

I pray you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take a moment to look back and give thanks for all God has blessed you with.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever," 1 Chronicles 16:34

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