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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Hunters on Your List

Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for a special someone who loves the outdoors? Well, if he or she is a hunter or has plans to get outdoors a little more, this list I’ve put together will help you get started! Here are six budget-friendly Christmas gifts that you will want to add to your holiday shopping list this year.

Sitting and waiting, or walking and stalking? Whether your hunter prefers to sit in a blind or walk many miles, a portable tripod stool definitely comes in handy. This steel-legged stool is incredibly sturdy (holds up to 225 pounds). Surprisingly light and compact, the shoulder strap makes this stool easy to carry or tie up on your backpack.

If your hunter and explorer goes on long expeditions, this hunting pack is a MUST for carrying those heavy loads. This pack is made to last in the harshest of weather environments. It also features a rifle pocket that allows you to safely haul your rifle hands-free, a pocket for your spotting scope and a hydration pocket and port. Even better, the pack detaches so the frame can be used to haul out meat.

Every hunter needs a dependable pair of binoculars hanging around his or her neck. These Bushnell Trophy Binoculars are waterproof, fogproof and fast focus to boot. This pair of binoculars also features new dura-grip rubber and soft touch thumbgrips for easy use.

Awesome for scouting out hunting sites and seeing what’s moving in the area, game cameras are a great gift idea for your hunter! This budget-friendly game camera features 14-megapixel image and 1080P video, allowing you to see the vivid world of wildlife with crystal clear images and sharper video. It has three passive infrared sensors, so you can easily see critters snooping around at night. It is also equipped with a 120° wide angle lens for a broader view and it’s waterproof.

Know someone who loses their keys ALL the time? Never fear! This little tile key finder will make sure your hunter never loses their keys in the woods ever again. Simply attach the “tile” to your key ring and setup the device with your smart phone. (You can even hook it on a purse, bag, wallet or phone!)

If your hunter is in the habit of “bringing home the bacon” to put meat in the freezer, a game processing and cleaning set is a great gift idea! This set includes every knife they need, and stores away neatly in a nice hard-side case.

The hunters on my list will be getting these caps, in their stockings, from Hunker Down Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company. Love their motto "Hunker down and embrace the chase."

Well, that’s the list! Happy hunting!! What gift ideas do you have for your favorite hunter this Christmas?

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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