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Giving Thanks For The Ordinary

This evening I was reading one of my favorite blogs Women Living Well. Courtney Joseph has just finished an awesome series on “Making Your Home a Haven.” Up next for the month of November she is challenging her readers to be “Giving Thanks In The Ordinary.”

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Courtney writes, “We are told to rejoice, pray and give thanks because this is God’s will for us!

I believe we will be greatly blessed by living this out in our homes. Let’s do this together!

This month, I want to keep our candles going and each time we see the flicker of the candle, give thanks to God for something ordinary. I’m not talking about the big things like our home, family and jobs (which I am deeply grateful for!) but the ordinary things we take for granted – without ever giving a prayer of thanks. For example:

The candle we just lit

Our pillows

Our toothbrushes



Eye glasses

The refrigerator


Socks and underwear




Clean water

These are things that we easily take for granted but they are good and generous gifts from God.”

(Go to for Courtney’s complete post.)

I LOVED this little (yet HUGE) twist on Thankfulness. November IS the month for giving thanks, and most of us DO give thanks on Thanksgiving Day, with a flowery and grand prayer around the family table; but how often do we INTENTIONALLY look around us and thank God for all the seemingly little things. TRY IT!!! It sure gives you a new lense with which to view your world. I will always continue to thank my Lord for the biggies… family, food, shelter, SALVATION! But now I will also be searching for the smaller things that I usually take for granted, and be thanking Him for those as well!! I LOVE Courtney’s challenge and I will be jumping in with both feet!! I wont be posting my daily lists but I will post once a week or so. Who is with me??? Here is my first list of five. Share yours in the comments and continue to look for God’s daily blessings in your life, both big AND small!!

1. That I FINALLY launched my own little ol blog

2. High school football and God keeping my boys injury free another week

3. Christmas movies on Hallmark

4. Deodorant soap (did i mention 2 HS football players?)

5. Crisp air outside

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