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Chickens In The Garden

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

I finally got a break from baseball long enough to finish my garden prep.  It was a beautiful day to work in the garden and my chickens did their part too!!

My chickens do not free range all the time since we live on a ranch full of predators. The girls have a rather large coop and run that they spend most of their time in and only free range under close supervision. A  few times a year, between planting seasons or in the middle of winter, I will let them free range in my large fenced garden while I work.

Last Saturday was a work day for the chickens and me with lots of help from my husband. While we cleaned up around the yard and coop the chickens did their part in the garden. I let them feast on my spent fall vegetables.

 I did put tomato cages around a couple of fall cabbages that were still too small to harvest and propped some tin scraps up to protect my young roses, but other than that, they had the run of the garden and boy were they happy!

Chickens can really do some beneficial work for you in the garden. They were scratching and searching for bugs which helps to turn the soil, while at the same time leaving behind their valuable fertilizer.

They also dug in  and  took dust baths which further helped to turn my soil, plus is a health and hygiene practice for them.

Letting them eat the weeds and the spent vegetable plants is not only a treat but a huge nutritional benefit for the chickens. So all in all it was a win for everyone!! Chickens get to roam and feast and I get to enjoy them and their help!! Oh...and my handsome guy was a big help too!! When he wasn't doing this......

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