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Celebrating Our Senior

Updated: Aug 12, 2020


Wow!! Time continues to fly and never faster than in the month of May. Activities have filled our calendar this time every year; baseball, prom, awards ceremonies, end of school celebrations and class parties. This year is no exception....EXCEPT....this year, as ya'll know, our youngest is a senior. Suddenly all of those normal end of year activities take on a whole new level of significance.... THE LAST. The LAST Senior Chapel. The LAST baseball game. The LAST prom. The LAST high school awards ceremony and our LAST time throwing a graduation party for one of our children. Guy is our youngest and this is our LAST round of LASTS. I know I have said it here before, but the mixture of emotions is unreal. Outrageous pride for Guy and all he has accomplished, excitement beyond measure for all that he has ahead of him, and a tiny bit of sadness (ok, a lot of sadness) that this chapter in our lives is closing.

We have been extremely busy so far this May! Here a few of the amazing ways we have been able to celebrate Guy and his friends in the class of 2019.

Saint James Episcopal School welcomed senior alumni back to their beloved elementary school for a senior chapel service and tour of their old stompin' grounds. They sang the old familiar chapel songs, were treated to performances by each class, and enjoyed one last recess on their old playground! I am forever grateful for the impact this Christian school had on MY childhood (it was my elementary school too) and that of my children. It is a special place that will be in our hearts forever.

I know my last blog post was about my struggle with saying goodbye to baseball, but I must mention it again here. Baseball has been a part of our lives since my oldest son, Clay, was 3 years old and played on his first Tee-Ball team. Little did I know some 20 years ago that baseball would consume me. It would consume my spring times, my summers, my vehicle, my laundry, my t-shirt collection, my thoughts. It became a part of me, in my soul and in my heart because it was in the souls and hearts of my boys. I will never, ever regret a single mile traveled or a single night spent at the ballpark with my family. Ever. Don't get me wrong, we are obviously a football family, but we were a baseball family FIRST, it's in our blood. That's why our LAST high school baseball game and our LAST senior night was such a bittersweet celebration. Man! The memories will last a lifetime!!

I have been blessed to be a part of EIGHT high school proms with my kiddos. Each of them attended proms their junior and senior years. From helping to decorate for prom with my daughter to helping my sons with their "prom-posals," prom has been a special part of high school! Even though Guy and his beautiful date aren't much for parties and were home watching a movie by 11:00, I still think they must have been the handsomest couple at prom!! I know we enjoyed seeing them all dressed up!!

Saturday we threw our fourth and final graduation celebration here at the ranch! We have thrown a shin dig for each of our kids as a way to celebrate their accomplishments, their graduation, their special place in our family, and their futures! This may have been our LAST but in no way our least!!

Everyone pitched in to help! We mowed the yard, hung party lights, swept out the carport and filled the stock trough with ice and drinks. We decorated with a graduation theme in navy, burlap and black and used items from Guy's high school and college to decorate the welcome table. Everyone joined hands in a huge circle and Bowen offered a prayer of thanks for the seniors and for our evening. ( A big thank you to El Taco Riendo for the delicious food and to Sugar and Spice in Del Rio for the party rentals). Taylor made a beautiful slideshow to honor her baby brother and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. When the slideshow was over, Guy addressed the crowd of friends and family that mean so much to him. It was a perfect way to celebrate our young man!

The next day our church honored the seniors with a luncheon after church. Each senior was asked a series of questions by our youth pastor. (Watch the video below to hear Guy's favorite Bible verse). Such fun stories and great memories were shared. I am so very thankful for a church and youth pastor who are dedicated to young people.

We ended the busy weekend with the sports awards ceremony where Guy received co-pitcher of the year award and an All-District selection.

Then we all went home and took a NAP!!! CELEBRATING GUY is FUN!! There is certainly a lot to celebrate!! Next up, GRADUATION!! Congratulations, Big Guy! We love you to Heaven's Sky!

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