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Downton Abbey Season Six

OH MY GOSH!! IT'S ALMOST TIME!!! I can't wait for the season 6 premier of Downton Abbey! Are you a fan? I am!!!

Due to some of the technical and logistical complications that can come with living in the sticks...I once spent an entire summer with no satellite and therefore no tv. I was forced find my entertainment options on  Amazon Video. While searching through the myriad of possibilities I ran across season one of Downton Abbey. This became the first (and only) show I ever binge watched. Also the first PBS series I ever watched.  (I'm a little more ESPN than PBS!)  I was hooked. The castle, the scenery, the clothes...oh my!!!!

I have since looked forward to each new season with eager anticipation!!!  It's nice after the let down of the holidays being over, to look forward to my weekly trip back in time visit to Downton Abbey.

Sunday night is pure joy for me! It is my husband's night to be in charge of dinner, that means pizza or sandwiches or leftovers.  I take a long bubble bath, hop in bed with my computer and my planner and spend some time getting ready for the next week. Then B. brings me my supper that has been  made (or warmed) with love ;) ! Then I get a quick kiss and he and the kids leave me alone to watch in peace!!!

I cant believe that we have to say goodbye to the Granthams and the Crowleys at the end of this season.  What a wonderful trip it has been! Are you a Downton fan??? Are you watching???

OK! It's about to start!!! EEEEEKKKKK!!!!

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