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Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting

Simple, Elegant Thanksgiving Table Décor and Centerpiece Ideas

Seasonal, beautiful and timelessly chic. If there is one time of year I like to spend extra time creating an elegant table, it’s definitely the holidays! When my family and guests walk into our home and see the Thanksgiving table arranged with care, my hope is to always convey a message of gratitude, peace and welcome.

The room we gather in for our Thanksgiving dinner is very special to me. Our dining room is a 100 year old rock room that was the first structure built on the ranch. As such, I like my Thanksgiving table setting to be a combination of elegance and casual. I hope you find my Thanksgiving table décor ideas inspiring!

Designing a gorgeous tablescape really doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. For example, rather than buying a centerpiece this year, I generously grouped together some pieces I already had. This is the best tip for an interesting tablescape. Incorporate items from around you home. For the first layer, I simply placed a colorful scarf diagonally on the table.

Next, I grouped some of my favorite seasonal accents together for a centerpiece. I used a deep wooden dough bowl and filled it with artificial white pumpkins, large clay prayer beads and lush artificial greenery. To add some height, I then staggered a grouping of farmhouse style candlesticks around my centerpiece. Antlers carefully placed among the foliage and pumpkins also compliment the antler chandelier above.

For my table setting, I used round rattan chargers to create a rustic focal point. I then placed my Spode Woodland pattern china on top.

For an extra special touch, I included antique silver wine goblets that belonged to my grandmother. A little tip: don’t be afraid to mix tableware! I LOVE to mix and match two different styles of goblets, pewter and silver. The silver goblet gives that extra special sparkle while the pewter keeps things casual and rustic. They seem like opposite styles but both work well on this table. To pull the farmhouse look together, I placed either a white pumpkin or white sunflower on each plate setting.

This time of year, there is so much to occupy our time and our minds. For my family, it means miles and miles traveled across the country… football season! I love this tablescape because it is just the right amount of seasonal touches and elegance to make the table a special place to gather, without requiring a lot of time and thought. SIMPLE, yet beautiful. The video below explains my decorating process for this farmhouse inspired; casual country yet easy elegant Thanksgiving table.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the farmhouse inspired look I created this year. Have a lovely Thanksgiving spending time with those that are dear to you!

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Beth C Stahl
Beth C Stahl
Nov 27, 2019

Lovely Thanksgiving table scape! Lovely heirlooms too! You are so inspiring!!

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