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Best Baseball Mom Tip Ever!

How have I been a baseball mom for the past 17 years with out this???

I have three boys who have played baseball since the age of four, 2 are still playing.

I have washed and scrubbed and sprayed and bleached more baseball uniforms that you can count! WHY OH WHY do coaches love white uniforms so much?? Why can't we ever be on a team whose colors are brown and dark brown?? I mean... the struggle is REAL,  baseball moms!! Can I get an "AMEN!"

This is an example of what I have to deal with, and this is BEFORE my outfielder did a belly slide in the grass to catch the ball (for the out, of course!) :)

I can't say I have never heard of this tip before. I had heard it and just kind of blown it off as a little too much trouble. Until...yesterday.....I tried it and I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing as I giggled out loud!!

I currently have two high school baseball players, who both need clean uniforms twice a week. I am usually not given said uniform until about 10 o'clock the night before a game. How many times I have stood over the kitchen sink trying to scrub out, by hand, red baseball dirt and green grass stains in my pajamas!

My old method was to first scrub the stains using a bar laundry soap such as Fels Naptha and let the uniform soak for as long as possible. Next I sprayed the stains with Oxi Clean and finally ran them through the washer. It produced a uniform with vague hues of light browns and greens, never looking completely clean.

So yesterday, I tried it!!! BASEBALL MOMS......THE ANSWER IS.......THE CAR WASH!!!!!!!!

Sounds completely crazy and way too much trouble, right? TRUST ME!!!! TRY IT!!!!!! It is the miracle that baseball moms everywhere have been looking for!!!!!

This is how I did it. I dampened the uniform at home and ran the bar laundry soap all over it because I did not want to use the soap setting at the car wash, fearing what might actually be in car wash soap! Then I waded the uniform up, pitched it in the floor board of my SUV and was off to the car wash. I clamped the uniform up where the car's floor mats are intended to go, inserted my quarters in to the machine, grabbed the spray gun and sprayed the uniform! Moms, when I saw that dirt being sprayed out and that uniform becoming white again before my very eyes, I really did hear the baseball angels singing and I really did begin to laugh out loud!! Then I wrang out as much water as I could, threw the wet uniform into a trash bag and brought it home and threw it into the dryer! I was so excited that I immediately posted the tip to my social media! This is TOO GOOD not to share!

Never again will I stand at the kitchen sink and scrub!!

You're welcome!! :)

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