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The New Chickens Are Here!!!


Does anybody remember Steve Martin in The Jerk? The scene where he is so excited about the new phone books?

That's how I feel right now!!! My new chickens are here!!!!

Last month I ordered four new starter pullets. I ordered two Araucanas which lay beautiful blue eggs and two Barred Rocks which are black and white in color. Starter pullets mean that they are young, not baby chics, but not old enough to lay yet. They are kinda like chicken teenagers! LOL! They are between 14 and 18 weeks old and should begin laying at about 24-26 weeks old.

Great thing about living in a tiny town is that the postmaster will accept your precious little boxes and then immediately call you to say, "your girls are here." Then Gwen coos and talks to them and tells them that Momma is on her way!! :)

When the call came, I dropped everything and went to pick them up. Then it was a race to move some of my current hens around to allow the new four to have a space all to themselves, but still close to the big coop, until all adjust to the new surroundings and new arrivals.

If you follow me on Periscope, I did a live video of the "unboxing!" ( I am @lonestarbarn on Periscope!) The video is only up for 24 hours.

This brings my chicken total to 24! I should have know when I went to the feed store for the first two...and came... home with six instead that this might be a problem!! I love my girls and their beautiful eggs!! I quickly entered the egg business when my sons declared "we can't eat any more egss, Mom! Stop!" So now they will eat eggs a few times a week, I have plenty for baking and cooking and the rest I sell to a very loyal list of customers to help pay the bill for chicken feed! It's a win win for all!!

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