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Summer Pasta Salad

Do you cook according to the seasons?

I do! We have certain dishes in our house that are only eaten in certain times of the year. For example, CHILI is only served in the fall and winter..NEVER in the summer; unless it is a little Wolf Brand Chili on a chili dog! :)

BEEF STEW is also only served in the fall and winter, while DEVILED EGGS are only served in the spring and summer. It just occurred to me that this might be strange? Is this strange?? I hope not!

Anyway, this weekend marked the official unofficial start of summer with the first PASTA SALAD of the season!!

YAY!!! I love this dish SO MUCH! I love how easy it is and that it can keep in the fridge for several days. It is a great side dish to BBQ beef or chicken, steaks, ribs and makes a perfect light lunch to eat at my desk. I usually make it with a homemade vinegarette but any bottled dressing will do. This time I used the bottled Olive Garden dressing and OH MY!!! It is a completely versatile recipe. Add anything you want. Sometimes I add cubed cheeses and pepperoni to make it a heartier dish, less protein if I am serving it as a side dish. Experiment and enjoy!

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