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Hello and welcome to The Lonestar Barn! I am so excited to be entering the world of blogging!

For several years I had friends who would tell me, “you should write a blog.” I always politely chuckled and replied, “no one would want to read it.” Actually, until two years ago, I had never even read a blog! So, I began reading the blogs of a couple of my friends who had moved away from home and had created blogs to keep their family connected. These were precious places full of family pictures and milestones to share! Then I began searching topics that interested me and discovered more blogs full of information. Bloglovin’ became a playground full of fun and information! Finally one day I decided, “why not?” I love to write and had not had an outlet for that for a long time. Some aspects of my life were a little out of the ordinary for most people… I do love to share tips and recipes with my friends and family..and I love to take pictures. Hmmmm…. Sounds like the makings of a blog….so here goes!!


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I was born in a small border town in Southwest Texas on the Rio Grand. My dad grew up on a ranch 30 miles away. I had a wonderful childhood and couldn’t imagine ever leaving my hometown. In the sixth grade my family moved us to the big city 150 miles away. I was devastated! I had gone to school with everyone in my class since kindergarten! My best friend, Amy and I had big plans. I mean, we were about to start JUNIOR HIGH!! As I took the long, tearful walk down my school hallway on my last day, I vowed to myself that I would return!

Life in the big city was an adjustment at first, but soon junior high and then high school life were in full swing! When I was 14 I met Bowen, the cutest blonde haired, blue eyed football player and my life would never be the same. We dated all through high school and college. Nine years later we married! Many people have asked me through the years why we dated nine long years before we married. My answer was always, “when you meet the man of your dreams at the age of 14, you kinda have to wait a while.” :)


During all our dating years , Bowen and I often visited my family’s ranch where my dad and his siblings spent some of their childhood.  Bowen loved everything about Southwest Texas and the ranching lifestyle. In April of 1990, on my grandmother’s 80th birthday, Bowen proposed to me on the ranch and God’s plan began to unfold in ways we would never have imagined..After my grandparents passed away, my father and his sister took over the ranching operation. We often visited to help work livestock during the busiest times.

Bowen and I married in January of 1991 and moved North to the Texas Panhandle and bought our first home. Two years after we were married we welcomed our precious baby girl, Taylor. Suddenly, we felt way too far from home! We soon moved back, close to the big city where our families lived but far enough away to live in a small town and eventually have a small piece of property. In the next five years we welcomed three boys, Clay, Shane and Guy. Life was full and busy and wonderful, yet I always longed to return “home.”


Soon our life was full of kids, work, school, sports, church and all that busy family life brings. We loved where we were and never dreamed of moving while our children were still at home. In early 2006, my husband and daughter had lunch with my aunt and uncle and when they returned home, my husband asked me, “how would you feel about us moving to help run the ranch?”

To make a long story short, we took a 13 year old ,who was about to start junior high, away from the only home she had ever known (sound familiar?); three boys who loved everything about their schools, friends and sports ; 2 dogs and 2 horses; packed up and moved 150 miles West to the Mexico border. Everyone thought we were crazy and our parents were less than thrilled. I mean, we were taking their grandbabies to a dusty border town, close to the violence in Mexico, to a public school system and into a ranching lifestyle which they knew nothing about. It did seem crazy, yet we were completely at peace that God knew what He was doing. Who else could orchestrate this insane idea in this insane time frame and make it work?

The adjustment was next to nothing! I felt like I had never left! My husband took to ranching like a duck to water. We started a very steep learning curve and he soaked up every bit of knowledge he could gather from any rancher that would give him a few minutes.  My daughter fell in love with the land and the history and her heritage. In a few short weeks my husband and daughter knew more people in our community than I did! My “next door” neighbor (8 miles away) was my childhood best friend, Amy! How good is God??

We have now been “home” for several years. My daughter attended junior high and high school in a tiny school with 16 in her graduating class. She
graduated from college in May 0f 2014 and is following her dreams of teaching and coaching. My oldest boy is in his junior year in college. The younger boys love their life here and the youngest actually remembers very little of life before the ranch.  Next to my husband and my children and family; returning “home” has been the biggest blessing of my life! Boy, did God know what He was doing!

I love living on a ranch that has been in my family for  generations. I can look out my kitchen window and see the 80 year old barn, The Lonestar Barn.

barn  pic shipping-002-1024x768Join me here as I share my faith, my family, and my life on a Texas ranch.

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  1. Sherry Fultz says

    Shawnee – So excited to see you find your voice on social! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts! I love seeing and hearing about your adventures on the ranch and always with Bowen and the kids. You look fabulous!! Best, Sherry

    • The Lonestar Barn says

      Thank you so much Sherry! Have wanted to do this for a long time…but life with four kids at home kept me pretty busy!!! Hopefully I can find a little more time now. I so appreciate you reading and sharing the blog!! We MUST get together at BU!!!! Sic Em Bears!!!!

    • The Lonestar Barn says

      Shelley, thanks so much for your encouragement! Its kinda nerve racking!!! Your kind words mean a lot!!! :)

  2. Crissi says

    I’m so in love with the blog already!! I love learning how yall started and learning about how you are working on a farm that has such history in your family. I’m eager to read and learn more!!

    • The Lonestar Barn says

      Crissi, Im so glad you like it!!! You are the one who encouraged me and convinced me that maybe someone would like to read it!! I feel like this little blog is my baby and you are it’s godmother!!!

  3. Miguel Zuniga says

    Beautiful family and beautiful life God has blessed yall with God bless. Thank you for always supporting our community and especially our local school.

    • The Lonestar Barn says

      Thank you, Miguel. It’s an honor to be part of this community that my parents and grandparents also loved so much. Thank you for all YOU do here!!

    • The Lonestar Barn says

      Thanks, Sheri!!! Finally!! It took me long enough to get the courage up!! Thanks for reading!! Love you!!!

    • The Lonestar Barn says

      Patricia, So glad you found “The Rest of The Story!” By the way, I used to love listening to Paul Harvey. I know you will enjoy reading about our little slice of ranch life.

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