Graduation Brunch


Spring means all things fun: Baseball, prom, weddings and graduations. We’ve done them ALL this Spring! 2016 was a special graduation year around here! Five of my friends all had daughters graduating from high school! I wanted to do something special to honor these girls and their moms who are all so very special to […]

The Heart and Home of Christmas Giveaway

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Hi there!! Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Yep! The eve of Christmas Eve!! I LOVE this day of the year! You are either beginning to slow down and enjoy the Christmas holiday or you are in full force CrAzY HuRry And GeT It DoNe mode!! Which one are you??? I am in the first camp. The […]

Welcome to the Lonestar Barn

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Hello and welcome to The Lonestar Barn! I am so excited to be entering the world of blogging! For several years I had friends who would tell me, “you should write a blog.” I always politely chuckled and replied, “no one would want to read it.” Actually, until two years ago, I had never even read a […]