Graduation Brunch


Spring means all things fun: Baseball, prom, weddings and graduations. We’ve done them ALL this Spring! 2016 was a special graduation year around here! Five of my friends all had daughters graduating from high school! I wanted to do something special to honor these girls and their moms who are all so very special to […]

Gratitude In Pictures


I have over 6,000 photos on my phone. SIX THOUSAND!!!! Is that normal?? I delete unnecessary photos regularly and still I have 6,000  NECESSARY photos on my phone!!! Everytime I open the photo button on my phone and see that number I am shocked! So today  I was scrolling through those photos and taking a […]

New Year! New Goals!

eliz elliot

Welcome 2016!! Wow!!! Does that seem impossible to anyone else? 2016? Yesterday my youngest boys went back to high school and my oldest left to return to college this morning. I can’t drag it out any longer…the holidays are over. Insert sad face Like almost everyone else, I am committing to getting back on track […]

Downton Abbey Season Six


OH MY GOSH!! IT’S ALMOST TIME!!! I can’t wait for the season 6 premier of Downton Abbey! Are you a fan? I am!!! Due to some of the technical and logistical complications that can come with living in the sticks…I once spent an entire summer with no satellite and therefore no tv. I was forced find my […]

Snow On The X7Bar Ranch

coop snow

Well….It was beautiful while it lasted!! We had a whole three hours of Winter Wonderland!!! Snow in Southwest Texas is a rare thing. In fact, the last time we had snow was nine years ago and then it was just a few flurries.   This morning it started with a few big thick flurries and […]

Giving Thanks For The Ordinary


This evening I was reading one of my favorite blogs Women Living Well. Courtney Joseph has just finished an awesome series on “Making Your Home a Haven.”   Up next for the month of November she is challenging her readers to be  “Giving Thanks In The Ordinary.”  “Rejoice always,  pray without ceasing,  give thanks in all […]

Sic ‘Em Bears!


Fall and college football!!!! Does it get any better?? A couple of weekends ago we went to Waco, Texas to visit our two oldest and see a Baylor football game. My husband and I are both proud Baylor alums. My oldest son is now attending Baylor University which gives us the awesome opportunity to go […]

May and Memories


In May of 2013 my oldest son, Clay, was about to graduate from high school. I was feeling very nostalgic and emotional, as I am prone to do on ANY given day, but especially before those life-changing moments like GRADUATION! I wrote this journal entry when my heart was both heavy and happy and while […]