Graduation Brunch


Spring means all things fun: Baseball, prom, weddings and graduations. We’ve done them ALL this Spring! 2016 was a special graduation year around here! Five of my friends all had daughters graduating from high school! I wanted to do something special to honor these girls and their moms who are all so very special to […]

Best Baseball Mom Tip Ever!

carwash baseball

How have I been a baseball mom for the past 17 years with out this??? I have three boys who have played baseball since the age of four, 2 are still playing. I have washed and scrubbed and sprayed and bleached more baseball uniforms that you can count! WHY OH WHY do coaches love white […]

Gratitude In Pictures


I have over 6,000 photos on my phone. SIX THOUSAND!!!! Is that normal?? I delete unnecessary photos regularly and still I have 6,000  NECESSARY photos on my phone!!! Everytime I open the photo button on my phone and see that number I am shocked! So today  I was scrolling through those photos and taking a […]

Chickens In The Garden

chickens garden3

I finally got a break from baseball long enough to finish my garden prep.  It was a beautiful day to work in the garden and my chickens did their part too!! My chickens do not free range all the time since we live on a ranch full of predators. The girls have a rather large […]

Baseball Wreath

finished baseball wreath 3

Baseball is BIG in our house!! I have had at least one baseball player in my house for the last SEVENTEEN baseball seasons!! We love watching our boys play ball!!! In order to show a little team spirit, I decided to combine two of my loves, baseball and wreaths, and see if I could make a […]

Gotta Get The Garden Ready

My dreary winter garden

I must admit that I am not a committed, year round gardener but rather a part time gardener who WISHES to enjoy a well tended garden all year long. The problem is, I don’t like the weeding and the tilling and the hauling dirt but only the leisure watering and, of course, the harvesting!!   […]

The New Chickens Are Here!!!


THE NEW CHICKENS ARE HERE!!! THE NEW CHICKENS ARE HERE!!! Does anybody remember Steve Martin in The Jerk? The scene where he is so excited about the new phone books? That’s how I feel right now!!! My new chickens are here!!!!   Last month I ordered four new starter pullets. I ordered two Araucanas which […]

New Year! New Goals!

eliz elliot

Welcome 2016!! Wow!!! Does that seem impossible to anyone else? 2016? Yesterday my youngest boys went back to high school and my oldest left to return to college this morning. I can’t drag it out any longer…the holidays are over. Insert sad face Like almost everyone else, I am committing to getting back on track […]

Downton Abbey Season Six


OH MY GOSH!! IT’S ALMOST TIME!!! I can’t wait for the season 6 premier of Downton Abbey! Are you a fan? I am!!! Due to some of the technical and logistical complications that can come with living in the sticks…I once spent an entire summer with no satellite and therefore no tv. I was forced find my […]